We opened our ports in 2005 as a server and network management provider located in Ottawa and serving Canada, today we reach across the world and web. We quickly grew our services to meet the demands of our clients, from individuals to large corporations. ServerNorth now offers a collection of products including web, email and domain hosting as well as high speed internet services to complement our server and network management services.

So what’s so special about ServerNorth? We offer the services and support we would want, if we were in your shoes. And we were in your shoes. What we wanted as clients; the types of packages, the level of customization and one-on-one support, wasn’t available, so here we are. If there is something you want, just ask; Email us, Tweet us, call us with anything, we are accessible and want to help.

Just because our business is technical doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get personal service. We are here to assist you, from individuals looking for personal and home services to worldwide organizations looking for full network support; we have the infrastructure, resources and knowledge to support you.