Server North Inc.

Canadian Internet & Network Service Provider

Established 2005 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Internet access for home & business.

Network build/design/operate/manage/maintain. High quality WiFi implementation. Fibre, Wireless, Copper. E-Mail, Website, Cloud/Virtual Server Hosting. Unix, FreeBSD, Linux. Datacentre. Telecomm. Structured Cabling. Cat Pictures & Word Salad. VoIP/Telephony. IRC. Monitoring. Ethernet. GPON. ADSL. VDSL. FTTP. FTTN. CLLI. -48VDC. Equipment sales. Managed Service Provider (but please don’t tell anyone we do that.)

Home Internet Access

50/10 VDSL

  • Great for families
  • WiFi Router Included
  • Month-to-Month service, no term

Commercial Fibre Access

100Mbit to 10Gbit

  • Very low latency
  • Accelerated repair
  • Managed service delivery
$650/mo and up


Coming soon!

  • Very excited to see CRTC’s 2023-358
  • We can’t wait to offer it to you!
  • We also wonder how it’ll be implemented…!
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