Websites on Virtualmin

To adjust various back-end features of your website, login to https://Virtualmin.ServerNorth.net:10000/ with any web browser. It’s also possible to perform some basic maintenance and editing of files for your site, however updating files via SFTP/FTP is recommended.

Note: While logging in, there may be an SSL security warning, you can permanently accept the certificate and continue to login.

  • Recommended software: Cyberduck for Mac, Filezilla Client for Windows and Linux
  • The hostname is Virtualmin.ServerNorth.net
  • Website files are stored under the ‘public_html‘ directory
  • If you have additional sites, the files are under ~/domains/{$DOMAIN}/public_html/ directories
  • The first time you connect, you may receive a warning about the host fingerprint not being known, if it matches ECDSA key fingerprint SHA256:eW6arq9aRgbqGchyjkyX/uiixwRtNIu5+682ZEqMuSQ , then it is safe to permanently accept it.
If you’ve registered your domain elsewhere, you will need to log on to your registrar’s site and set the DNS servers for this domain to the following two servers:

  • VNS1.ServerNorth.net
  • VNS2.ServerNorth.net
MySQL & PostGreSQL Database server is ‘localhost
Pay close attention to the username, as sometimes it’s shortened, or dashes or underscores are not as expected.