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Websites on Virtualmin

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[tabtext]Uploading Files[/tabtext]
[tabtext]Name Servers[/tabtext]
[tabtext]Database Server[/tabtext]

[tab]To adjust various back-end features of your website, login to https://Virtualmin.ServerNorth.net:10000/ with any web browser. It’s also possible to perform some basic maintenance and editing of files for your site, however updating files via SFTP/FTP is recommended.

Note: While logging in, there may be an SSL security warning, you can permanently accept the certificate and continue to login.[/tab]

  • Recommended software: Cyberduck for Mac, Filezilla Client for Windows and Linux
  • The hostname is Virtualmin.ServerNorth.net
  • Website files are stored under the ‘public_html‘ directory
  • If you have additional sites, the files are under ~/domains/{$DOMAIN}/public_html/ directories
  • The first time you connect, you may receive a warning about the host fingerprint not being known, if it matches ECDSA key fingerprint SHA256:eW6arq9aRgbqGchyjkyX/uiixwRtNIu5+682ZEqMuSQ
    , then it is safe to permanently accept it.

[tab]If you’ve registered your domain elsewhere, you will need to log on to your registrar’s site and set the DNS servers for this domain to the following two servers:

  • VNS1.ServerNorth.net
  • VNS2.ServerNorth.net

MySQL & PostGreSQL Database server is ‘localhost
[box type=”warning“] Pay close attention to the username, as sometimes it’s shortened, or dashes or underscores are not as expected. [/box]