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You beat the final boss of the internet?

Virtual Private Server

The power of running on your own dedicated server without the headache of infrastructure maintenance.

[pricing price=”30.00″ currency=”$” title=”FreeBSD Jails” moretext=”sign-up” url=”/contact/forms/access?type=on-lite”]
[feature] AMD64 Platform [/feature]
[feature] Low Cost [/feature]
[feature] Elastic Limits & Quotas [/feature]
[feature] Free setup [/feature]
[pricing price=”30.00″ currency=”$” title=”OpenVZ Container” moretext=”sign-up” url=”/contact/forms/access?type=on-express” type=”big”]
[feature] Linux Virtual machine [/feature]
[feature] Quick Setup [/feature]
[feature] Low Cost [/feature]
[feature] Choice of Distributions [/feature]
[feature] Private VLANs available [/feature]
[feature] High-Performance Cluster [/feature]
[pricing price=”50.00″ currency=”$” title=”Fully Virtualized” moretext=”sign-up” url=”/contact/forms/access?type=on-express”]
[feature] Fully customizable [/feature]
[feature] KQEMU Virtualization [/feature]
[feature] 32 or 64 bit mode [/feature]
[feature] Run most OSes [/feature]
[feature] Maximum flexability [/feature]
[feature] Private VLANs available [/feature]
When your business needs more functionality than a basic UNIX user account can offer, or to replace that workstation-cum-server in the corner, but you’re yet not ready to commit to a dedicated server, Server North can help. If you want to separate your home business from your personal desktop or even set up a gaming server for your friends, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) will do the trick. A VPS can do almost anything that a dedicated or colocated server can do but for a fraction of the cost – without the need for an in-house network administrator or infrastructure to support it. Our Virtual Private Servers let you forget about the hardware, so you can get on with what is important to you.

You will have total control of your server, the options are virtually endless.


– Two flavours of VPS: container and fully virtualized
– Bevy of (container) templates available, but you can build up from scratch too
– Tier 1 datacenter, multiple redundant uplinks
– Generous & high quality bandwidth allocations

– appliance templates (Turnkey Linux) or minimal OS distributions (OpenVZ repository: http://wiki.openvz.org/Download/template/precreated, FreeBSD Jail)
– low cost
– quick & easy setup

Fully Virtualized:
– run any OS (Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc…)
– as if you have your own dedicated hardware
– 64bit platform

– Self-service control panel to stop & start, reboot
– VNC Console

– Proxmox 2.x
– resource pools
– SSD options
– Private VLAN/Bridge options
– Zpool backed storage


A Server North VPS provides virtual system templates, supporting up to and including separate operating systems with complete autonomy, security and privacy from the primary server. No additional hardware is required and Server North virtualization is run on the FreeBSD and Linux platforms. With a virtual server you will reduce hardware costs, increase productivity by avoiding down time, allow for automation and increase user controls and freedoms.

Olde Copee / Les Notesz

  • ssh root access
  • quick setup
  • Server North Transit
  • Flexible packages
  • Low Disk IO Contention
  • Intel & Xeon Multicore Servers
  • Optional Private VLANs & Firewalls
  • FreeBSD Jail, Linux OpenVZ, Fully Virtualized
  • 64-bit and 32-bit Linux images available
  • Full root access and rebooting
  • Choice of Linux distro
  • Dedicated IP address and redundant bandwidth
  • Reserved RAM
  • Automated daily and weekly backups (optional service)
  • Private IPs for inter-slice communication

Older copy

Server North’s customers prefer the total control they get by owning and running their own virtual server on our network, as opposed to paying the same amount of money to get a user-level shell account on a competitor’s server.

The Server North Virtual Servers run on a top-of-the-line server infrastructure.
Our 64-bit, dual-core processor servers are connected to the internet with a 100Mbit uplink pipe connection.
We provide wide flexibility on all of our Virtual Servers. We pride ourselves on supporting each of our clients’ unique, individual business needs. Account customization, add-ons and monitoring are available.
Server North supports every client with one-on-one, personal customer service that the larger competition could never offer.
You are in control and in charge of everything on your own Virtual Server. If you ever do need our help, however, we can step right in and assist.



Server North’s Virtual Private Servers run on FreeBSD Jails, OpenVZ or Linux KVM.

  • Root access
  • Fixed IP address
  • 64-bit, multi-core processor servers are connected to the internet with a multiple uplinks
  • Multiple IPs are available
  • Server North’s trusted security
  • Server North supports every client with one-on-one, personal customer service that the larger competition could never offer
  • Plenty data storage and transfer expandability


Starting Packages

  • FreeBSD VPS account
  • FreeBSD Jail (Virtual Private Server)
  • Full Root SSH access
  • 5 GB Disk Storage Space
  • 5 GB of Data transfer
  • Static IP Address
  • Custom server configuration
  • Unlimited disk storage and data transfer expandability available
  • $30 per month