Server North Inc.

Canadian Internet & Network Service Provider


Established 2005 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Enterprise E-Mail Hosting

Access all of your email, from anywhere, synchronized to all your devices.

A simple E-Mail system that you can access from any device, anywhere, any time you’d like.
You can easily move from a desktop computer to your smart phones and see the same messages,
in and out, read and unread

Most businesses rely on email to keep them in contact and in business. We understand that you cannot afford to slow down, be out-of-touch or have unreliable email service. Server North email is designed for businesses on the go; we are a budget friendly hosting service with high tech features to meet your needs in the office and on the road.

Using Server North for your email means fast and synchronized service, no interruptions from running out of space or having files sizes rejected, a quick set-up and smooth integration. Your business needs email, make sure your email hosting provider is not slowing down your success.


  • Domain email support
  • iPhone and mobile device compatible
  • Webmail remote access
  • Centralized folder management
  • Fully synchronized mailboxes (read/unread, deleted, filed, sent and received)
  • No back-ups or local filing required
  • Archive messages within the mailbox
  • Extra large mailbox size – no need to delete!
  • Extra large attachment allowances
  • SSL encryption for message security
  • Push IMAP for instant notification & updates
  • Sieve filtering (for white listing, black listing inbound mail, controlling inbound file types and sizes and auto filtering messages into folders, vacation/ooo notices)
  • Fully managed service for ease of email transition, account set up and email account maintenance
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook & Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc…
  • Optional Spam & Virus protection
  • Ad Free


  • iPhone Compatible
  • Ideal for mobile users
  • Centralized folders
  • Webmail
  • Works with your domain and existing accounts

Peace of mind:

  • no need to back up
  • Very large mailbox quotas
  • suitable for archival use
  • Fully SSL Encrypted Access


  • Push IMAP
  • Sieve Filtering
  • Managed Service