Privacy Policy

Our Client Privacy Policy

Keeping client’s personal and business information private is very important to Server North. Server North created this privacy policy to describe the regulations that we have in place to protect client’s information and to show our commitment to our client’s privacy and security.

Information protected by the regulations put forth in this privacy policy includes any personal/individual or business information including but is not limited to any identifiable information about a client such as contact information like e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and IP addresses. These regulations also protect all information about a client’s product and service choices made with Server North and any and all financial information regarding any financial obligations made between Server North and the client.


Collecting Client information

Server North will be required to collect information from all clients in order to conduct proper commercial business relations. Server North collects personal information from clients for the following reasons; (a) Collecting such information is necessary for creating and managing the client’s account. (b) Collecting such information may be required for legal and regulatory reasons. (c) It is important for us to understand the product and service needs of our clients. (d) For the establishment of a responsible commercial business relations between Server North and the client.

A client’s personal information will not be used for any commercial prepossess other than conducting business between Sever North and that individual client. Therefore Server North will not make the client’s personal information available to any third party business or to any other clients.


Protection of Personal Information

Server North will not sell, rent or share any client’s personal information to a third party in ways that has not been disclosed in this privacy policy.

Serve North will maintain security measures to protect all information given by the client. This includes both electronic information as well as information on paper.

Server North does not knowingly collect personal information from persons under 18 years of age.

No part of this privacy policy will ever be overturned without the direct consent of a client on an individual bases. However amendments to this privacy policy may be made at Server North’s discretion. Server North will use its best effort to notify all clients of any changes that are made to this privacy policy.

Server North will not be held responsible for the actions of any third party that uses information that the client did not properly secure. This includes but is not limited to information found on a publicly posted web site run by the client using Server North’s products and services as well has information that was not properly protected by the security recourse that Server North has made available to the client such as password protection and user rights and privileges.

Server North will make its best effort to provide the client with a secure server environment.


Disclosure of Personal Information

Server North may be required to disclose client personal information under the following conditions.

An agency acting on Server North’s behalf may be privy to information about Server North’s clients. These agencies may include financial accounting institutions or third party technical systems support and maintenance.

Law enforcement agencies may be privy to client information for internal security matters, or when required by search warrant or court order.


Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy please feel free to contact Server North.

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Michael Geiger, President
Telephone: 1-833-2-GO-NORTH
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